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Packing Prototypes

As my business plan was forming in my head, I kept my product ideation flowing by creating some miniature prototypes of what would be my signature design, the Panchaali quilt. This would be the sari drape design dedicated to Draupadi (Panchaali is her more powerful name, not merely a derivative of her father's). Don't worry, I'll tell you more and more of her story as I take you through our journey together.

"Impatient as mustard seeds sputtering in oil...Each story will come in its time." Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

I started with an old Bengali sari I had in an old bin of Indian fabrics I had set aside till I found a project to use them in, creating the iconic sari draping pattern.

I used materials on hand and stitched it into a mini quilt.

This taught me a lot about how I would need to work with thin cotton and what type of quality checks I would need to put in place. For example, the drape was too low and not a smooth arc. I used the pallu (veil) for the backing.


From there I played with a variety of my old Indian fabrics, but I only had a couple saris. I next worked with a dark teal one I had and that one came out pretty good.

I wanted to create my final one out of silk, but the only thing I had was an old dupatta from an outfit I had last worn a couple days before my twins were born in 2008. I patterned it in the same style and really enjoyed the tactile feeling of the silk and sewing the elements like pleats.

I was happy with the final result and it was one of the ones I carried with me to India.

The unpleated parts would be quilted in a full size product, but I will be using some of the techniques on this one to create product features in the future.


Announcing: The Panchaali

I will be making most of the quilts with this signature design myself, but while I was in Jaipur, one of the artisan sources I found created a sample one based on my specifications, and that became the first Panchaali product, made from cotton. This distinct momentous version is now available to buy.

Each of the Panchaali series will be 100% unique and will come in a series of cotton and silk styles.

Let me know what you think!

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