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Bheem and Brrr...

The exciting news is that I'm close to completing a new line of placemats, named after Bheem, one of Draupadi's husbands (see Panchaali post). He was known for his strength and his love of food, both eating and cooking it.

I've already completed the first four sets and posted them on the site and on Etsy. Six more are in the final stages of production.

a plate on a placemat
Bheem No. 1, made with two-toned fabric sourced from a small female-owned wholesaler in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Surprisingly, the challenge to completing them has not been time - it's been the cold winter.

I live in the California mountains and the propane tank that fuels our heating system is currently empty. But...I've recently secured a new day job so I'm hoping to have the heat up and running again in a few weeks.

In the meantime, I work in my sewing room a few hours a day while I can stand it and then spend the rest of my time in a part of the house that has some electric heat.

I'll keep listing the finished products as I complete them, several at a time. Here are some shortcuts to these first four.

More soon!

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